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Welcome to League For Gamers

We’re a brand new kind of social site. One tailored for gamers but open to any topic, from pen-n-paper gaming to politics. We’re the cure for the changes and restrictions we’ve been seeing in game forums, social media, and even video games. We fight for the gamer.

Free Speech

We believe in a strong right to freedom of speech. If its legal to say under the 1st Amendment, you can probably say it here.

Gamer Profiles

Create rich profiles. Add your favorite games. Post your skills resume for indie team recruting.

Social Gaming

Follow gamers and devs. Post your thoughts. Start a group or join one. Become an LFG volunteer and help advocate for freedom of expression or run charities. Find other gamers to play with.

Better than Twitter

We let you post more than 140 characters. 512, in fact. We win.


Join a group and get involved. You’ll find groups on any topic, or you can create your own. Love comics? Start a comic group. Love astronomy? Start a star gazing group. Are you a Game Studios? Open up a group and start building a fan base.


We encrypt your sign-up emails. We encrypt your direct messages to others. We take privacy seriously.

We’re part of a group of sites that are improving gaming every day, and putting the focus on you, the gamer. Join today. Membership costs nothing, and helps gamers collectively build a powerful consumer voice.